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Raphael Rosch

for MPP - Scarborough Centre

About me

As the son of a Cuban refugee, whose mother and family left everything behind when they left their beloved country, I learned that you can build a life of success, even when you start with absolute nothing. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have learned first hand the great struggles small business owners face in our province. I like to use what little skills I have to help others, and have personally helped refugees win their cases for no pay, and have also served as a volunteer tutor and mentor for at-risk Scarborough kids from immigrant families.

I came to Canada 15 years ago to study at university, where I met a lovely Chinese-Peruvian girl who stole my heart, and soon after, agreed to marry me. We bring together more than 6 different cultures spanning 5 continents. I believe all of these qualities give me a unique perspective and ability to consider issues from multiple points of view.

How to help

Many thanks to our amazing volunteers who helped delivering fliers, put up lawn signs, and talked to friends and neighbors about the campaign. You can still help the campaign by making a tax-deductible contribution via cheque (send me a message and I can come pick it up from you), or you may use the above links to donate via credit card.


Here are some of the local issues I plan to tackle if you elect me as your MPP in Scarborough Centre:

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On June 2nd, vote: Raphael ROSCH for MPP - Scarborough Centre